Ferrari Finali Mondiali 2016

This event, usually held in Italy or Dubai, was held December 1-4 for the first time in the US, at Daytona International Raceway.  Since I read about it about 6 months ago, I decided I could not pass it up.  It was the final round for all of the world’s Ferrari Challenge Series races.  There was a fantastic concours event, and to cap it all off an attempt was made to break the Guinness Book of World Records effort at most Ferrari cars on a racetrack at one time.  The prior record was held, I believe, by an event at Silverstone in 2012.  Sadly, the effort came up short due to lack of organization, but I got to ride in a Ferrari 308 GTSi as part of the attempt, which made up for the failure 🙂

The Challenge races were not the most interesting, apparently the series point titles had already been decided, so there was little on track competition, not much passing. This could have been a characteristic of the track and the short duration of the races (only 30 minutes long).

The Concours event featured some fantastic Ferraris of the past (and present) and was the highlight of the event. As was making a few new friends.  One shortcoming was the lack of vendors selling Ferrari stuff.  There was only an official ‘Ferrari Store’ with a not too diverse selection of items.  Definitely disappointing in that department.

It was interesting to see several displays of old Ferrari F1 cars from the Schumacher era being driven on track, along with a number of 333SP prototypes from the late 1990s.  The official F1 team demo was a disappointment on Sunday, it was impossible to really see it without a “premium” pass, whatever that was.  Never saw it on the website when I signed up.  Plus, they only did a few laps.  Nevertheless, seeing so many newer Ferraris in one place was a real treat, it seemed like thousands of them were there.  I must have counted 20 or 30 LaFerraris, maybe more…a percentage of the total output of cars which was only about 500 in total.  Outside of the Cavallino event in Palm Beach, you will not see this many Ferrari cars in one place anywhere else I doubt.  The US has always been Ferrari’s most important market and this event proves this has not changed, from the volume of cars present.    Enjoy the photographic tour that follows. See how many Ferrari models of the past and present that you recognize.


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