Aermacchi / Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Harley in name only.

Aermacchi (shortened from the Italian, Aeronautica Macchi) began life shortly before WWI as a producer of light aircraft, specializing in seaplanes. One of these models, the M.C. 72, set a world velocity record for seaplanes which stands to this day. Powered by a unique supercharged Fiat V-24 engine, it brought the small company great publicity […]

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Pittsburgh Italian Car Show and Vintage Races 7/16-7/19/15

I learned about this show, which featured a very large turnout of cars of all types, as a Fiat Club of America member somewhere around January of this year.  Held in Schenley Park,  a large urban park in Pittsburgh, PA, I thought it sounded interesting. So I decided to actually enter a car of my […]

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Aurora Plastics of Hempstead, NY — The last great American toy company (1950-1982)

Aurora Slot Cars and allied products…the iconic automotive toys in America from the 1960s

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Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance 2015: A Beautiful Day in the Spring Sunshine

Sights from the May 2, 2015 Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance.  This is a fairly new event (3rd year) as Concours go, but it has a bright future ahead.  Located in the Sandhills of North Carolina, the town of Pinehurst is best known for its golf course and resort hotel which date back to the turn of […]

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Dante Giacosa (1905-1996), Il Mago di Torino. The Wizard of Turin.

In the United States, it is generally true bigger is better.  Be it stores, televisions, houses, or most anything else you can conceive of, larger is better.  It is often hard to appreciate the world of the small, when we are surrounded by heft and bulk of a massive scale.  Think of the last walk […]

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Part 3, Amelia Island Week. Concours Day, Sunday, March 15.

This was my first time attending the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in perhaps 15 years.  I have to say I was amazed at the size of the crowds.  They were overwhelmingly large in comparison to such events as Cavallino I attended earlier in the year.  As such, rather less to my taste. But this day I got a unique treat courtesy of a dear friend of mine, that being relatively little of the day spent photographing cars, but instead time spent photographing her.  I only wish some more of the photos I took came out, and that I had better photographic skill….sadly too many in number did not do justice to the subject and were discarded.  Fortunately, enough in my opinion did come out to make the event quite memorable.  Granted a few “just cars” got thrown in to the mix, but they weren’t the highlight at all.  At least not to me.

Photo courtesy Hilgram Photography
Photo courtesy Hilgram Photography




IMG_2301 IMG_2312 IMG_2298 IMG_2296 IMG_2290 DSCF1110 DSCF1109 DSCF1108 DSCF1107 DSCF1106

Above Photo Courtesy Hilgram Photography
Thanks here go to Auctions America for granting the request to use their Crosley delivery van as a prop.

morganaurelia duesenberg2 Cadillacconvertiblecolor


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Amelia Island Week — Cars and Coffee Saturday

This event took place on Saturday, and was far and away the best Cars and Coffee event I’ve ever attended.  Definitely nothing comparable have I seen.  Every conceivable category of car was there, in many ways it was more impressive than the concours the following day in terms of the cars on display.  It was much […]

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